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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use HDQ Instead of Bleach?

Although bleach kills many germs it has almost no detergents. The shelf life is only about two weeks and it can cause many problems to the pads of animals feet "HOT FOOT".

HDQ Neutral has excellent detergency and is an aggressive cleaner. It also eliminates odor sources on contact and is effective against the spread of canine kennel cough. Because of its unique neutral pH, HDQ is safe to use around animals and will not cause "HOT FOOT". HDQ is EPA registered and, at the dilution rate of one ounce per gallon, is very economical to use. Its aggressive broad spectrum germ kill will completely protect your animals from all unwanted germs and bacteria.

What is TB-Cide Quat?

TB-Cide Quat is an excellent ready-to-use disinfectant that can be used at a moments notice. While traveling, TB-Cide Quat can be used immediately for those unexpected accidents in crates. It immediately disinfects and deodorizes and helps contain the spread of bacteria and germs to other compartments and makes cleanup a snap.

How Effective Is Consume?

Consume is a very effective source for the elimination of odors and stains. With over 200 billion enzyme-producing bacteria per gallon, Consume will quickly eat away and destroy all sources of odor. It is extremely effective against urine, feces, and drain line odors. While it is non-toxic and non-polluting, Consume with its unique vanilla fragrance, starts eliminating odors immediately. It is also very effective in maintaining proper biological levels in septic tanks and other waste control systems. The product can be used safely on all washable surfaces, and is extremely user-friendly.

Can Dri-Dek Fit Easily In Any Size Kennel?

Dri-Dek is a very pliable product that can be easily cut to fit any size kennel or pen. Because of its unique construction, Dri-Dek is very effective in eliminating dangerous bacteria infestation on wet dogs. It comes in many different colors and is economical to use.

Will Your Sanitary Squeegee Deteriorate With the Use Of Disinfectants and Other Chemicals?

The oil resistant Neoprene moss rubber used in our sanitary squeegee will not be affected by any cleaning chemical. It has been proven to last up to three times longer than any other squeegee available. With its rugged white polypropylene frame, this squeegee is very strong, yet flexible and with its twin 4: rubber blades, this squeegee makes a perfect tool for your kennels.

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